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Getting anxious after buying something from an online store? Always wanting to know where your parcel is now? We care a great deal about your well-being and time. That's why, to save your time, we created this website, which you may use instead of checking the websites of delivery companies manually, which will automatically detect and check every relevant logistics company website, using only your tracking number. That's the only thing you should care about.

What is a tracking number?

A tracking number is a unique code assigned to every parcel, usually provided to you by the online store you've made a purchase from. This number allows you to track the movement of your package from one location to another.

There are two types of tracking numbers: international and local. International tracking codes are traceable worldwide. Local ones - only within the country of the sender.

The vast majority of tracking numbers have the format of the Universal Postal Union. It looks like EV816426671CN. The first 2 letters encode the type of package, and the last 2 letters are the country code of origin.

There are also a lot of other different tracking code formats depending on the carrier. For example, UPS tracking number usually looks like this: 1Z762E1W6842003229; FedEx: 476758975684569; DHL: 2359474349, and so on.