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TNT Carrier Info & Tips

Nowadays TNT is a global company, offering its services in 200 countries around the globe. But before becoming so popular and successful it has experienced a long way of ups and downs, constantly working on developing its services. So, the company started in 1940 by Ken Thomas, who decided to open his own business having a single truck. In 1958, the organization became known as Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT).

Today, TNT offers a variety of shipping options. It's possible to deliver all types of parcels not only across Australia, but to many European countries as well.

TNT Air Charter

For large parcels, the best choice is a private jet delivery. This option is ideal for sending heavy, bulky goods and perishable goods worldwide with delivery on the day the parcel is sent or the next day. The main features of TNT Air Charter are the following:

  • In Europe, the parcel can be delivered immediately
  • The service includes voluntary insurance of all cargo types
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Complete control and transparency of the delivery process via TNT tracking

TNT Freight Services

TNT Freight Services is the perfect choice for either individuals or companies facing the necessity of sending large or heavy shipments. The size of your parcel, its weight, and its shape are not important, as the company can deliver anything anywhere. There are about two hundred countries available, so every customer will certainly be satisfied. This service is a good way to save your money (as it's very cost-effective) and deliver your parcel within short time limits. There are three types of freight services available: air freight service, road freight service, and sea fright service. So, let's have a more detailed look at what each of them has to offer.

TNT Air Freight Service

If your parcel is not an urgent one, air freight service is what you need. It's possible to choose both the price and speed, so don't be afraid of spending too much on transportation. You will be fully informed of the current shipping status of your parcel via TNT tracking. This service is the best choice for shipments over 100kg or of a strange shape. Door-to-airport and door-to-door deliveries are available.

TNT Road Freight Service

This TNT service is available in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This option is also used for large shipments. This is a cost-effective, safe, direct, and secure way of shipping goods.

TNT Sea Freight Service

TNT sea freight service is perfect for large shipments delivery over extremely long distances. This is the perfect choice for intercontinental deliveries, allowing customers to choose between port-to-port, door-to-door, and door-to-port options.

TNT Dedicated Vehicle Service

Dedicated vehicle service is the best choice if you want to control your delivery completely. The company will provide a van or truck, highly secured, and equipped with a temperature control system, so be sure all your shipping requirements will be matched. So, what to expect choosing this service?

  • Door-to-door service
  • Optional insurance for different types of shipments
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Optimized routes

TNT Air Charter Service

Have an urgent and heavy delivery? Air charter service is perfect for large, heavy, and perishable parcels. The sender will get an aircraft to deliver goods the same day (in Europe) or the next day to any part of the world.

TNT On Board Courrier

If your shipment is a very important one, TNT offers you the option of sending your items in the hands of a reliable person on the commercial flight. So, what will you get using this service?

  • Fast delivery
  • The highest level of safety
  • It's possible to choose this service both for parcels and documents
  • Optional insurance for different shipments

TNT Next Flight Out

This service is a combination of commercial flight and road transport. The delivery is the same-day or next-day, both domestic and international shipments are available. Everything will be tailored to your needs and your goods will be delivered extremely fast.

TNT Special Express

If you don't want to lose even a minute, TNT Special Express is for you. The fastest route is selected for your shipment to be delivered as fast as possible. Besides, your shipment will be managed by specialists from start to finish, so be sure everything will be just fine.

TNT Worldwide Express Service

The delivery time always matters, especially if you are sending goods or documents of a big importance. With TNT Express service your shipment will be delivered the next working day, this is a company's guarantee. Let's have a look at types of this service:

  • 9:00 Express - available for major cities in more than forty countries. As for the weight limit, you won't be allowed to send anything heavier than 210 kilograms. This service is available for both documents and parcels.
  • 10:00 Express. Via this service, your shipment will be delivered before 10 a.m. One can send both parcels and documents to more than 45 countries. The weight limit is 210 kilograms as well.
  • 12:00 Express. Need to get a parcel before 12 p.m.? 12:00 Express service is the easiest way to get your parcels or documents delivered in time. This option is available for about sixty countries. The weight limit is 500 kg.

TNT tracking number peculiarities

If you are interested in what is the current location of your parcel, the easiest way to get to know it is to use the Trace&Track TNT service. Besides, you can download the TNT app to get notifications of the current shipping status of your parcel. You will be informed every time the status of your parcel changes. You can also use online facilities for tracking. It's very easy, as all you have to do is to enter your TNT tracking number. Speaking about the TNT tracking number format, 9 digits or a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters are the most common ones. It looks like this:

  • 675632871
  • 542876451
  • GD123456789WW

If you are trying to get to know the current shipment status of a parcel, but there are no tracking records, check the tracking number once more, as the most common reason for such a problem is an incorrect number.

How long TNT Delivery Takes?

TNT delivers an incredible number of packages to various countries every single day. The delivery time depends on service and destination. There are various options both for those who can wait and for people having urgent deliveries. There are services that make it possible to deliver goods or documents on the same day or the next day. On the TNT official website there is a tool that helps to calculate the estimated time of the delivery. All you have to do is to specify the origin and destination countries and cities, as well as other information required.

TNT Customer Support

If you have some questions about the TNT tracking number or delivery time, you can easily contact the company. TNT Customer Service team will gladly answer all your questions and help you to solve all types of problems one may face. Besides, professionals can explain all tracking statuses you're unsure of. On the company's official website, there is also a special section with frequently asked questions. There is a huge number of questions already answered, so you might find a quick answer there.

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1 month ago
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1 month ago our user from United Kingdom told us that the service was Average. The package has not been delivered yet.

Our user decided to say nothing more.

3 months ago
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3 months ago Jessica from Italy told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Jessica also says: Show textNnho ancora ricevuto il pacco da fine marzo

8 months ago
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8 months ago our user told us that the service was Excellent. Our user provided no information about delivery time.

Our user decided to say nothing more.

1 year ago
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1 year ago Abdulhai from Afghanistan told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Abdulhai decided to say nothing more.

1 year ago
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1 year ago Starciuc Alexandru from Romania told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Starciuc Alexandru also says: Show textThey are lying to me about customs holding the package even tho customs never even saw the package. I think they just lost it and are just lying till they will come up with a better excuse. Just horrible services

1 year ago
Not yet

1 year ago B d from United States told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

B d also says: Show textThey don't care that your package has been sitting on a dock for a week. Why pay fur air freight just do it can take weeks to get?

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