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2 / 5 by 2 reviews

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10 days on average
1-7 days
8-14 days
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31-60 days
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* How do we calculate the rating?
People are more likely to post negative reviews (for example, when their package is delayed or lost) than positive reviews (when everything is fine). It doesn't mean that bad situations happen more often than smooth delivery, though. That's why we give the negative reviews lower priority to calculate a more accurate carrier rating.

Packlink Tracking

Put your tracking number in the form above and hit the "Track" button to get the information about your Packlink package. If your package has been handled by some other carrier, except Packlink, we will also automatically fetch the needed information from that carrier as well.

How does my tracking number look?

The majority of tracking numbers consist of 2 letters, 9 digits, and 2 letters again, e.g. AB123456789US, but there are different variations. Some tracking numbers are just digits, e.g. 12 or 15 digits in a row. Some carriers have their specific format for tracking numbers, e.g. for UPS, it's something like this: 1Z473D1X3754009839.

Packlink Reviews

1 year ago
Delivery Time
10 days

1 year ago K Watkins told us that the service was Horrible. The package has been delivered in 10 days.

K Watkins also says: Show textDo not use under any circumstances Do not use under any circumstances. I entrusted an E-bay parcel to PACKLINK, which was not delivered within the time allotted. The recipient rang the carrier who fobbed him off. When it was eventually delivered late the outer wrapping and contents were damaged beyond repair very obviously misused during transit. I recompensed my buyer and proceeded to claim on the insurance. E-bay assisted me by enlarging my buyer's photographs. 17 e-mails later and several photographs later (three different Packlink employees dealt with my complaint) I am out of pocket. Despite complying with every single one of Packlink's requests they refuse to pay out on the insurance. I will never entrust anything of value to Packlink again. Please E-bay use a British company we can trust to fulfil their obligations. Until then I will no longer sell on Ebay

1 year ago
Not yet

1 year ago Tania Berlow from United Kingdom told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Tania Berlow also says: Show texttruly horrific . have written to CEO of packlink and Hermes. Not even worth trying to retell the fiasco. lets just say they had plenty of notice and ample opportunity to correct the issue but chose to waste time, not relay messages and managed to return to sender (me) a parcel that I had sent 4 weeks previous to a buyer who only went away for the bank holiday weekend-They returned it to my old empty house and I had told them of my new address 2 weeks prior. and not to return anything there.

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