India Post Tracking

India Post Tracking

India Post is a national Indian postal service, run by the state, more precisely, by Department of Posts of Ministry of Communications. It has the highest number of post offices in the world (over 155.000), which grew exponentially after getting independence. Also, the offices are spread very densely across the country, which allows each office to service a bit more than 7000 people. Because of such widespread incidence, the company also provides other services, except postal to its customers, such as banking, life insurance, etc. This current state of the company was made possible by uniting many separate postal companies into one Indian postal service. Being so huge and widespread company with a lot of different services, it plays a great role in the lives of Indian citizens.

To maintain such a big company, a hierarchical structure has been built. The whole country was divided into 22 postal districts, each of which was divided into several regions. Each region has own facilities for mail processing.

What are the ways to track an India Post package?

You may use your tracking number or your waybill.

Speed Post tracking

Speed Post is one of the premium service classes of India Post, which is an affordable service for express delivery of your packages. It also offers different business solutions for e-commerce, such as cash on delivery service.