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FedEx Tracking

FedEx is the company, which introduced quick delivery to the world and sticks to it till the present day. FedEx provides fast and reliable shipping of almost 4 million items every business day all over the world to more than 220 countries, being one of the world's biggest express delivery company. Based in the USA with headquarters at Memphis, Tennessee, FedEx offers its customers worldwide shipping service.

Tracking packages shipped by FedEx

FedEx was the one who invented real-time package tracking, providing customers with precise and relevant information about their packages' location and movement history. This brought transportation convenience to a new level and helped to deal with lost parcels problem. To track a FedEx package, one must have a tracking number, but it is also doable with a reference or TCN. There are a lot of other complimentary services FedEx customers can get: proof of delivery, vacation holds, delivery alerts, etc.

FedEx shipping options

There are a lot of service classes you can choose if you are a FedEx customer. You are not limited in size or weight of your item: you can ship everything from small parcels or envelopes to heavy loads. If you're in a hurry, you may use one of Priority shipment options, with which your parcel may be delivered the same day, the next day or in 2 days. Special rates apply for special items, like hazardous or perishable items, which need extra care.

Packaging services

FedEx provides not only transportation services, but also helps with packaging. You can choose a box or other type of packing supplies from a great variance of those, whatever suits your item most. There are a lot of sizes and styles to choose from, and you can even customize the style of packaging supply with a convenient online constructor, which is a great way for businesses to promote their brands. And your parcels will get packages by professionals as well.