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DPD Carrier Info & Tips

DPD is a member of one of the top European parcel groups, the DPD group. Offering a wide range of shipping options, DPD is considered to be the leading company in the UK. There are more than 11,000 people working in the company (UK), all trying hard to make deliveries faster, and more convenient, servicing more than six thousand people. Founded in the UK in 1970, this company was first known as Courier Express. A little bit later, in 1984, a rebranding took place, so the company was renamed into Parceline. The company continued developing its services, and in 2008 it became known as DPD. The company was bought by La Poste in 2000, so it led to a significant number of changes.

Nowadays the DPD company is known as one of the most reliable and innovative post services in the UK. The company offers customers various options and services to tailor to all their needs, so let's have a more detailed look at DPD services to get a better understanding of what the one can expect choosing this operator. So, what are the international DPD services?

DPD Classic

This service is a road-based one, delivering more than one million parcels annually. There are 30 European countries in a list of destinations. This is a fast and safe service, and it's also possible to track DPD parcel throughout the entire way. Benefits of utilizing this service include:

  • Full track and trace facilities
  • An excellent security
  • Quick delivery time (it depends on a country, but a receiver won't have to wait too long)

Please note that there is a weight limit, equal to 31.5kg.

Air Classic

Allowing you to connect to 230 countries around the globe, this service is perfect for retailers. Here are the main features of this service:

  • 31.5kg weight limit
  • DPD tracking online
  • Various duty payment options

DPD Direct

This service is the best solution for e-tailers. All products will be delivered to the customer's door. Besides, DPD cooperates with local home deliveries, so be sure you'll get your parcel just in time.

DPD International Mail Service

This is certainly one of the best ways to send various materials overseas. This service's main aim is to provide businesses sending lots of mail every day with the possibility to send materials without paying lots of money. There are two offers to select from:

  • Standard - the delivery takes from seven to fourteen days in European countries and from fourteen to twenty days for the rest of the world. Economy and speed - that are the main features of this service.
  • Priority - if you want your documents to be sent and delivered within the shortest time limits, this service is the best choice. The receiver will have to wait from three to seven days (in Europe) and from six to ten days in the rest of the world.

Many DPD consumers find this service one of the best, as it has lots of benefits:

  • Prices are reasonable
  • There are three tariffs to select from: the EU, other European countries, and the rest of the world, so it's easy to choose what you need
  • Bags are free, which allows customers to save money

DPD Express

More than 230 countries available, easy online tracking, fast delivery, excellent security - that's what one can expect from this service. Speaking about the weight limit, it's 31.5kg, similar to other services presented by DPD company.

DPD European Pickup

Nowadays many people are into online shopping, but sometimes they are afraid of unreliable postal services. People like to collect their parcels from pickup points, so DPD European Pickup is just what the doctor ordered. With more than 22,000 points all over Europe, it will be possible for customers to receive parcels in an easy and convenient way. Return service is also very simple, DPD tracking is provided, so your customers will be able to track the parcel all the way. DPD European Pickup is an excellent delivery experience, so be sure choosing this service you will have lots of happy customers and a huge number of repeat orders.

International Returns

From time to time each person faces a necessity of returning goods because of some reason. DPD International Returns service makes it really easy to do it. All the returns are tracked on the Returns Portal. So, what is the procedure of a returning process? The customer will have to follow these easy steps:

  • Details. Provide some details of the address and the item you are going to return itself
  • Return label. You simply print it and attach to the parcel
  • Collecting the parcel. It's also possible to arrange the time and place

A quick and easy return procedure will certainly help you to create the impression of a reliable company.

DPD International Solutions

If there is a need for urgent or unusual parcel delivery, International Solutions service is one of the best options. DPD is collaborating with many companies around the globe, so the delivery will be very fast. The following shipping options are available:

  • Air freight (heavy parcels via chartered flights)
  • On-board courier (personal delivery by air)
  • Euro freight (both to and from Europe)
  • UK freight (for parcels that are impossible to be delivered via DPD network because of weight)
  • Exhibition services (delivery from and to exhibitions)
  • Euro bullet (delivery from and to Europe by ground)

DPD UK Services

No matter what you are sending - documents, parcels, or freight, DPD provides all types of deliveries through the UK. The first service is DPD 10:30 & DPD 12:00, offering parcel delivery by 10:30 a.m. the next business day. Then, there is also a service called DPD next day, offering quick delivery during the following working day. Besides, if a person wants the parcel to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday, there is Saturday&Sunday UK delivery.

DPD Delivery Time

Speaking about the delivery time, it will take 1-2 working days for the UK, and from three to twenty days depending on the destination and type of service you have chosen. When you buy something online you want to receive it as soon as possible, so the company is trying hard to provide the best quality of services and to make it easy for customers to watch their parcels via DPD tracking number.

DPD Tracking Number Peculiarities

If you want to know where your DPD parcel is at any time, it's possible to check its current status by using the DPD tracking number. There are four types of DPD tracking numbers, it may consist of 10, 12, 14 digits, or 14 digits plus 1 letter. Here are some examples:

  • 05218962519602
  • 05227994632790
  • 05228964284282P
  • 01327036101891
  • 01015134162480
  • 01015134162471

DPD tracking is an easy and convenient way to watch your parcel via the Internet.

DPD Customer Support Service

If facing any problems with sending/receiving a parcel, you can contact a customer support team. It's possible to call a company via their country-wide service number, so you won't have to spend hours looking for a phone number available for your country. Besides, you can browse the official website of a company to have a look at already solved customers' problems. There are many of them, all divided into categories, so you will likely find the solution there. If you missed your delivery, or want the driver to come back, or don't know how to collect your parcel, there is no necessity of calling the company, as all these questions are already answered on the website.

DPD Reviews

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1 month ago Harald Gruber told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Harald Gruber also says: Show textWarte schon ewig!

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2 months ago Mika Turpeinen from Finland told us that the service was Excellent. The package has not been delivered yet.

Mika Turpeinen decided to say nothing more.

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4 months ago our user from Ireland told us that the service was Average. The package has not been delivered yet.

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6 months ago Angie from Germany told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Angie also says: Show textway too long time

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7 months ago Gál Károly from Hungary told us that the service was Average. The package has not been delivered yet.

Gál Károly also says: Show textSajnos elirtam a telefon számot igy nem tudtak értesiteni. Szállitási cim 3530 Miskolc Dankó Pista 17 2/2 mobil szám 20 9692785

8 months ago
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8 months ago Angeliki from Greece told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Angeliki decided to say nothing more.

8 months ago
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8 months ago Slavisa petkovic told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Slavisa petkovic also says: Show textHello, I want to ask you if the package for khunngasse 11/1 is with you, because I did not receive any notification of the arrival of the package, so please confirm and if so, please send it to me because I did not receive any notification.

10 months ago
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10 months ago Ronny Saeteråsen Litslenav from Sweden told us that the service was Good. The package has not been delivered yet.

Ronny Saeteråsen Litslenav decided to say nothing more.

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1 year ago our user told us that the service was Horrible. The package has not been delivered yet.

Our user decided to say nothing more.

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